Pregnancy Insurance Singapore Protects Infants Before Their Birth

Being a parent always means that you have to worry about someone. You want the best for your children, and it starts the moment you find out that you are expecting a new addition to your family tree. Until recently, there has not been much that mothers-to-be could do while they were pregnant to ensure that their little one would have the best possible start. Today, though, things are changing, and pregnancy insurance Singapore protects infants before their birth.

Protection for Pregnancy

Every infant faces certain risks while they are inside their mommy’s womb. There are complications that could happen to either the mom or their unborn baby. Some of them are preventable. This is why you should eat right and not smoke during pregnancy. Other complications are not so easily prevented. What do you do if your little one does not develop properly while they are in the womb? What happens if you develop pre-eclampsia? A lot of times, traditional health insurance will not cover issues that arise before a baby is born. Pregnancy insurance does protect your child by giving them insurance for all the unexpected congenital illnesses that may occur during pregnancy.

How Long Does Coverage Last?

When you hear the term, “pregnancy” you may imagine that it is designed to cover the 40 weeks that most women are pregnant. However, this insurance policy covers more. It is available to protect your unborn child before they are born and afterward, until they have their 4th birthday. This ensures that if there is a late diagnosis of a congenital illness, your baby will still be covered, and you can still get help with medical bills.

What Is Covered?

At this time, most pregnancy insurance Singapore agencies will cover around ten complications during pregnancy that happen more often than you may realize. They also cover approximately 23 different congenital illnesses that may only appear after the baby’s birth. These issues include everything from cerebral palsy to eclampsia to heart defects and more. If anything goes on that can be linked to your pregnancy, you and your little bundle are covered. Therefore, if you are pregnant or hope to soon become pregnant, you should talk to a prenatal specialist to see what insurance options are available to you.

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